Online projects

Floating Land 2013 Nature’s Dialogue engages in a global conversation with a dynamic online program ranging from live streaming artist talks at the Balance-Unbalance Conference to community story telling platforms in collaboration with Feral Arts. Join the Floating Land conversations online via our social media platforms on Facebook and twitter (using the hashtag #FloatingLand) and contribute to our featured online projects below.

The PlaceStories project for Floating Land 2013 allows the community to connect with artists and share stories and experiences at Floating Land. Visit PlaceStories here to share stories, images, videos and sound in response to Nature’s Dialogue or explore the stories evolving on the grid below.



Fee Plumley (@feesable) & Kate Chapman (@wonderchook) enjoy exploring the way people perceive where they are & how they navigate through open source technologies and human contact. Using a combination of OpenStreetMap online mapping technology, basic electronics and natural instinct to explore and share, Fee and Kate will run a masterclass and public program during Floating Land 2013. This will result in an open source physical and digital artifact that can be added to online long after the festival has ended. Follow the development of the project here

Biosphere Soundscapes

The Biosphere Soundscapes project is designed to inspire communities across the world to listen to the environment and re-imagine the potential of Biosphere Reserves as learning laboratories for a sustainable future. The project connects and inspires the communities of global Biosphere Reserves through emergent technologies, innovative creative practice and soundscape ecology. Throughout Floating Land guest artists will be mapping the soundscapes of Noosa Biosphere Reserve. Visit the Biosphere Soundscapes website here to listen and collaborate.



Ship of Fools, Kris Martin, James Muller and Simon McVerry, Floating Land 2011, Photo Raoul Slater, 2011
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